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Looking Out For Vehicle Accident Victims Now And In The Future
All motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be serious. Even a minor fender-bender can result in a concussion that can leave you with symptoms for months or years. More serious accidents can be life-changing and require significant financial compensation to move forward.

At Collier & Associates Law Offices, we understand that a car accident may mean a difficult recovery and real changes in your lifestyle. Whether you were in an accident with a passenger vehicle, commercial truck, bicycle or motorcycle, it is best to work with a knowledgeable, experienced attorney. With decades of experience each, our attorneys are prepared to help you seek the compensation necessary to recover. We also represent families who have lost a loved one in a fatal vehicle accident. We’ve spent years helping families (and visitors) find justice after an injury.

Now Is The Time To Speak With A Lawyer
There are deadlines for filing a motor vehicle claim. In Florida, for example, you only have 15 days from the accident to maximize your personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. In general, PIP pays 80% of your medical costs and 60% of your lost wages. This may not be enough to cover your economic losses so it is a good idea to have an attorney to pursue additional compensation from the other party.

How Will You Know What You Need In The Future?
After an accident, you may have many financial and medical needs. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may suffer long-term effects and consequences such as:
  • Missing work or not being able to return to your previous job
  • Seeing multiple specialists for ongoing medical needs
  • The need for physical rehabilitation
  • Counseling to manage the emotional damage from the accident
  • Daily care for the rest of your life
  • Pain management
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
Determining the accurate value of these issues can be difficult without an experienced attorney on your side. We have experience and a network of experts in areas such as life-care planning and calculating the value of your past, present and future needs.

Let’s Talk About Getting The Compensation You Need
With our extensive experience, we can assess your case and discuss how much compensation you may be entitled to. Please call us in Plantation at (954) 452-9500 or send us an email. Get started today so you don’t miss out on important benefits.