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Adaptive driving beams are now allowed in vehicles in America

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Adaptive driving beams (ADBs) have not been allowed in cars sold in the United States up to now. However, they have been allowed in several other countries around the world all along, including in Canada, Europe, and Japan. ADBs are headlights that give off more light but do not emit a glare, which can impair other drivers on the road. ADBs can make pedestrians and bicycle riders as well as animals on the road more visible to drivers at night and thus, the number of accidents can potentially decrease.

Although ADBs were prohibited in the United States for many years, the new administration in the U.S. government has passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is being asked to rule in favor of allowing ADBs in vehicles sold in the United States. The timeframe that the NHTSA was given is 2 years but the agency has ruled in favor of ADBs 1.5 years early.

ADBs will potentially improve safety on the road and decrease accidents

Because ADBs make it easier to see pedestrians, people operating nonmotor vehicles, and animals, road conditions will be safer. With ADB technology, the lights are controlled by a computer. It is intuitive enough to be able to adjust the light for close objects and dim the light for oncoming vehicles so that the other drivers are not blinded by the light that is emitted from the other vehicle. The other valuable thing that ADB technology does is that it eliminates glare for the most part.

In the United States, comprehensive research was conducted before this decision came about. In the end, it made the most sense to switch over to ADB technology, which many countries around the world already understood for a long time. The plan is for new vehicles in the United States to be built with ADBs.

Valuable legal advice

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may have been badly injured. The light from the other vehicle may have prevented you from seeing the road clearly. The expertise of a Florida lawyer may come in handy in that case. There are rules of etiquette that must be followed while driving. How the lights are used at night is one of those rules. If the other driving did not follow the rules, you may have suffered and continue to suffer and going after compensation to support you financially as well as being able to obtain legal counsel that will help you to navigate the process and get the help that you need may be invaluable to your case.