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Elderly self-neglect and how to tackle it

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2021 | Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse |

Unfortunately, abuse of seniors in Florida and other areas of the country is common. The abuse may be sexual, physical, financial or emotional. Families that have physically disabled or mentally challenged seniors become concerned when they become abused in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

In addition to nursing home neglect and abuse that occurs at the hands of staff members, there is another unique type of abuse that seniors in nursing homes also face. It is called self-neglect, and it refers to a situation where an individual refuses to take care of themselves. The following covers some of the characteristics of this type of abuse and how you should address it.

Characteristics of self-neglect

The signs of self-neglect can vary, but there are some common things to watch for. In some cases, seniors neglect taking care of crucial health issues that affect their bodies. They can ignore their physical health to the extent that they lose or gain weight excessively. Additionally, some may refuse to follow the treatment regime for a specific illness. At other times, seniors refuse to drink water, leading to dehydration. Also, they may skip meals and routine hygiene tasks such as baths and showers.

Steps to follow

Elderly self-neglect may not necessarily have to occur inside a nursing home. It may also happen in a private home where an elderly person lives alone. Self-neglect can contribute to premature death among seniors, so it’s important to address this issue when you notice signs of it occurring. Of course, it’s also important to treat the person with respect and tread carefully when bringing up your concerns.

If you notice signs of elderly self-neglect that haven’t been addressed in a nursing home setting, you may want to reach out to an attorney for guidance. An attorney experienced in nursing home neglect could provide you with the insight to address the situation properly.